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Shokin’s Blood Mercury Levels Were Fatal - Treating Physician Korpan

Shokin’s Blood Mercury Levels Were Fatal - Treating Physician Korpan

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The doctor of the Austrian clinic, Nikolai Korpan, claims that former prosecutor general Viktor Shokin was poisoned with mercury and its levels in blood were fatal.

Korpan told about this in an interview with the Ukrainian News Agency.

"Viktor Mykolayovych addressed complaints and we began to understand their cause. When we did large-scale studies, in particular, heavy metals, we got the results that the mercury levels in the blood were very high. At first we did not believe it, because the indicators point to the lethal dose. We first considered that it was some kind of technical error and having checked it was confirmed that the mercury level in Viktor Shokin’s blood was at 9.7 and we started intensive therapy,” the doctor said.

According to him, later symptoms began to appear that lead to the death of a person, in particular, violations of the white and red blood count, like as a cancer patient or as chemotherapy.

"Anemia occurred, then we saw that liver function began to suffer. Of the seven indicators, everything began to increase. When we checked the kidneys, out of 5 indicators all five also exceeded the pathology. Therefore, after we diagnosed acute mercury poisoning, which leads to death, we had to resort to special therapy with the use of special antidotes," Korpan noted.

He added that since mercury poisoning is a rare occurrence, antidotes could not be found in Austria.

At the same time, the medicine was found and delivered from Germany during the day.

At the moment, according to the doctor, the latest indicators of mercury in Shokin's blood have decreased, but have not yet returned to normal.

He could not predict how long Shokin's rehabilitation would take after the poisoning.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Greek law enforcers are investigating the possible mercury poisoning of former prosecutor general Shokin.

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