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Naftogaz Receives USD 578.4 Million From Gazprom For Transit In December-February

Naftogaz Receives USD 578.4 Million From Gazprom For Transit In December-February

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The Naftogaz of Ukraine national joint-stock company received from the Gazprom company (Russia) USD 239.5 million for gas transit in December and USD 338.9 million in advance for January and February (a total of USD 578.4 million).

Yurii Vitrenko, executive director of the Naftogaz group, announced this, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“In January, Naftogaz received USD 239.5 million for transit in December, as well as USD 175.1 million in advance for January and USD 163.8 million for February. Total: USD 578.4 million. Compared with January 2020 state budget revenues, this is almost 33% (a third of all state budget revenues)," he wrote.

Vitrenko emphasized that if Naftogaz had not exchanged its claims against Gazprom for a new transit contract, in January Naftogaz would have received only USD 239.5 million.

"And even if the previous transit contract had simply been extended, in January Naftogaz would still have received only these USD 239.5 million, that is, by USD 338.9 million less than what it received in fact - because of that, that there was no prepayment under the old contract," he noted.

Vitrenko also said that starting January, Naftogaz will receive a transit fee not for 3 months, but only an advance payment for the next month.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in January 2020, Gazprom used 46% of the paid transit capacity.

Transit in January amounted to 2.548 billion cubic meters of gas, while services were paid at the rate of 5.518 billion cubic meters.

In December 2019, Naftogaz, GTS Operator of Ukraine and Gazprom signed an agreement on the transit of Russian gas to Europe through Ukraine from 2020.

Ukraine and Russia agreed that under the new gas transit contract for 5 years, which could be extended after 2024, the transit volume in 2020 will be 65 billion cubic meters of gas, and in 2021-2024 - 40 billion cubic meters of gas.

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