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Deutsche Bahn can only provide advice and assistance to "Ukrzaliznytsia", they won’t solve problems, - German

Deutsche Bahn can only provide advice and assistance to "Ukrzaliznytsia", they won’t solve problems, - German media

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Ukrzaliznytsia & Deutsche Bahn Photo by
Ukrzaliznytsia & Deutsche Bahn Photo by

According to an article on a German resource, the German partners don’t understand why they are invited to the Ukrainian "Ukrzaliznytsia", because the problems the department face should be solved without outside interference.

The publication argues that German experts can provide technical consulting, but they cannot help with most of the problems the UZ has.

"Deutsche Bahn joins the Ukrainian railway "Ukrzaliznytsia". DB is going to provide business and technical consulting and support to the Ukrainian railway over the next few years. "Ukrzaliznytsia" has serious issues regarding infrastructure and corruption. However, even Ukrainian experts doubt whether DB can help, with wear problems amongst others," the article says.

The publication cites former Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kava, who claims that the Germans succeeded in building a modern railway thanks to huge governmental grants. So if Ukraine could invest in its railroad more than 10 billion euros annually, no cooperation with DB would be necessary.

The author reminds that, for the German part, this only refers to consulting, but DB partners will hardly be able to defeat corruption, which has been running rampant on "Ukrzaliznytsia" for many decades.

"They say that the situation is so bad that Prime Minister Honcharuk openly spoke about "total corruption" at the end of 2019. Various railways pressure groups will greatly benefit from the preliminary results of the tender; available locomotives won’t be routed in the interests of citizens, but to where one can earn more privately. It has not been possible to break this vicious circle for years," the article says.

It’s worth reminding that the government has stated they are going to transfer the management of "Ukrzaliznytsia" to the German national railway operator Deutsche Bahn for 10 years. Later, the German company denied Oleksii Honcharuk’s statement.