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592 Ukrainians Registered In Consular Register In China, No New Infected With Coronavirus

592 Ukrainians Registered In Consular Register In China, No New Infected With Coronavirus

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There are 592 Ukrainian citizens registered with the Consulate in China, among them there are no infected with the new type of Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

This is stated in the response of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the request of the Ukrainian News Agency.

“As of today, there are 592 citizens of Ukraine on the consular register of the Embassy of Ukraine in the PRC, as well as in the General Consulates of Ukraine in Shanghai and Guangzhou. At the same time, the actual number of our compatriots in China can be much larger,” the response reads.

According to the Ukrainian Embassy, ​​the number of people infected with the 2019-nCoV strain of coronavirus has increased in China to 2,762 people.

"According to information from the competent authorities of the PRC, so far no Ukrainian citizens have been found among those infected with this virus," the response reads.

The Foreign Ministry assures that it takes all necessary measures to ensure the safety of Ukrainians in areas affected by the virus.

"The Embassy of Ukraine in the PRC monitors the epidemiological situation in the country, especially in the cities for which quarantine measures have been taken... The Embassy of Ukraine in the PRC maintains constant contact with Ukrainians who are located in Wuhan and other cities of the country. Measures to establish contacts with the maximum number of Ukrainian citizens, who are in the territory covered by the epidemic, are also being taken by the diplomatic institution," the response says.

Among other measures, the Embassy and the department of the consular service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs opened hot lines: +86 137 01230647 and +38 044 238 16 57.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in December 2019, a case of pneumonia was recorded in Wuhan (China), but it later became known that the cause was a new type of coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

As of Tuesday, more than 100 people have died from the virus.

In Ukraine, the disease is not recorded.

The Ukrainian Embassy in China recommends that Ukrainians leave China due to the outbreak of a new type of coronavirus.

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