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Ukraine Negotiating With EU To Resume Supply Of Poultry Meat - Ukrainian Trade Representative Kachka

Ukraine Negotiating With EU To Resume Supply Of Poultry Meat - Ukrainian Trade Representative Kachka

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Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture - Trade Representative of Ukraine, Taras Kachka, believes that the EU decision to suspend poultry meat imports from Ukraine is premature, so Ukraine is negotiating on its adjustment.

He wrote about this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The EU decision to restrict the import of poultry meat due to the case of bird flu in Vinnytsia region is much stricter than it should be. Nevertheless, we are actively and jointly working to quickly adjust this decision," Kachka wrote.

He stressed that at the moment there is every opportunity to adjust the decision in favor of Ukraine.

It is noted that this and next week all the necessary consultations will be held in Brussels.

At the same time, Kachka noted that due to the importance and urgency of this issue, Ukraine is forced to suspend work on other important tasks of cooperation with the EU in the field of sanitation and phytosanitary.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the European Commission decided to temporarily suspend imports from Ukraine to the EU of poultry meat, poultry meat products and thermally unprocessed poultry products in connection with the detection of bird flu in Vinnytsia region.

Since the discovery of the bird flu virus in Vinnytsia region, 22,000 birds have been destroyed.

Earlier, The State Service on Food Safety and Consumer Protection recorded a case of bird death from bird flu at the Khutir agricultural enterprise in Vinnytsia region.

Agricultural enterprises Nemirov-Podillia LLC and Kolosok JLLC, which are located in the village of Buhakov of Nemyrivskyi district, are also referred to the epizootic focus.

9 settlements of Nemyrivskyi district are assigned to the protection zone (3 km zone around the epizootic focus), and 23 settlements of Nemyrivskyi district entered the observation zone (10 km around the epizootic focus).