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Court Returns UAH 10 Million Bail Paid For MP Dubnevych

Court Returns UAH 10 Million Bail Paid For MP Dubnevych

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The High Anti-Corruption Court returned UAH 10 million, which were paid for the Member of Parliament Yaroslav Dubnevych (For the Future group) as bail.

The lawyer of Dubnevych, Stanislav Peliuk, announced this to Ukrainian News Agency.

"The money has (already) been returned. I personally attended the court session," he said.

According to him, UAH 10 million were returned to one of the bailors, who is not a relative of Dubnevych, but paid UAH 36 million for him.

The money was returned to the bailor since a bail of UAH 100 million was made for Dubnevych, but later the court reduced the amount of the bail to UAH 90 million.

In the court decision on the return of UAH 10 million of bail, the surname of the bailor is not indicated.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in November, the High Anti-Corruption Court refused to arrest MP Yaroslav Dubnevych and released him on bail of UAH 100 million (the bail had to be paid within 5 days).

Later, the Appeals Chamber of the High Anti-Corruption Court chose a preventive measure for Dubnevych in the form of detention with an alternative of a bail of UAH 90 million.

He left the remand prison after paying UAH 90 million.

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