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Law On Introduction Of Register Of Paedophiles Takes Effect

Law On Introduction Of Register Of Paedophiles Takes Effect

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On Thursday, January 16, the law on introduction of the register of paedophiles took effect.

It was published by Holos Ukrainy parliamentary newspaper on January 15 and takes effect on January 16, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The law envisions creation of the single register of persons convicted for the crimes against sexual freedom and sexual immunity of minors.

The electronic database of the Justice Ministry will contain data on paedophiles based on court indictments, including on the persons whose criminal record for such crimes has expired.

The Justice Ministry has to draft a provision on the register before April 16.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in September, Zelenskyy vetoed the law on creation of an open public register of paedophiles that envisioned forced chemical castration.

In December, the Parliament adopted new law on introduction of the restricted register of paedophiles.

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