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Appeal Court Upholds Arrest Of Sheremet Murder Suspect Kuzmenko

Appeal Court Upholds Arrest Of Sheremet Murder Suspect Kuzmenko

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An appeal court has upheld the arrest of Yuliya Kuzmenko without bail on suspicion of murdering journalist Pavel Sheremet.

The court made this decision on Tuesday, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The court thus granted the relevant request by the prosecutor's office.

Kuzmenko’s lawyer asked the court to cancel her arrest without bail.

The court also granted a request by Kuzmenko’s lawyer Vladyslav Dobosh to allow cross-examination of Kuzmenko’s husband Dmytro and the Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Center’s head doctor Volodymyr Zhovnyr as witnesses.

Besides, the judge granted the defense lawyer’s request to show a video that was recorded on the day Sheremet was killed (this video was used for expert examination of how the suspect walks) and a video of Kuzmenko and others that was recorded in the hospital where she works.

According to the lawyer, the videos depict different women.

The prosecutor’s office asked the court to add to the case file documents indicating that a MON-50 bomb was secretly taken out of Antonenko’s apartment on the eve of a search of the apartment.

The court granted this request.

Fifty-six have offered to vouch for Kuzmenko, including current and former parliamentarians, doctors, soldiers, and volunteers.

They include parliamentarians Yana Zinkevych, Mykhailo Bondar, and Mykola Velichkovich (all members of the European Solidarity faction); former parliamentarians Oleh Musii (independent), Nataliya Veselova (Samopomisch faction), and Oksana Korchynska (Oleg Liashko Radical Party faction); Kyiv city councilor Volodymyr Nazarenko; head doctor of the children's cardiology center Zhovnir.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Pecherskyi District Court of Kyiv decided on December 13 to order arrest of Kuzmenko without bail until February 8, 2020.

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