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U.S. Navy Destroyer Calls At Odesa Port

U.S. Navy Destroyer Calls At Odesa Port

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On Tuesday, the Ross DDG-71 destroyer of the U.S. Navy entered the port of Odesa during a planned visit to the Black Sea.

The press service of the Odesa City Council has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

It moored to pier 1-K on the Karantynnyi quay pier.

The length of the vessel is about 154 meters, the crew consists of 337 people.

Put afloat in March 1996.

The destroyer is armed with anti-ship, winged and anti-aircraft missiles.

Preliminary, the destroyer will stay in Odesa until January 5-6.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on September 25, the Turkish coast guard ship entered the port of Odesa.

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