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German FlixBus To Launch Flights From Ukraine To Baltic Countries In 2020

German FlixBus To Launch Flights From Ukraine To Baltic Countries In 2020

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The FlixBus transport company (Germany) intends to launch bus passenger flights from Ukraine to the Baltic countries in 2020.

FlixBus managing director in Poland and Ukraine Michal Leman said this in an interview to the Ukrainian News Agency.

“The most popular destinations are Warsaw - Kyiv, Kyiv - Krakow, Lviv - Krakow, Kyiv - Budapest, Kyiv - Berlin. We would like to increase the frequency of these flights, launch flights from more Ukrainian cities to European cities, which are major interchange hubs of FlixBus - we call them our hubs - and also launch new routes to the Southern Europe and the Baltic countries," he said.

At the same time, the company has not yet considered launching domestic flights separate from international transport in Ukraine.

“We do not separate international and domestic transportations, but plan to combine them. For example, if the bus travels from Odesa to the Western Europe via Lviv, then someone is interested in the international route, and another passenger can take advantage of the part of this flight that runs through Ukraine,” Leman emphasized.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, officially FlixBus entered the Ukrainian market in June.

Since August, the company cooperates with the Turkish carrier company Gunsel, in December - with the Regabus company.

FlixBus operates in 30 countries and serves 2,500 destinations.