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UCAB: Ukraine Not Exports Corn Starch And Glucose To Russia Since 2019

UCAB: Ukraine Not Exports Corn Starch And Glucose To Russia Since 2019

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In January-September 2019, Ukraine did not export corn starch, glucose and fructose to Russia.

An analyst of the Ukrainian Club of Agricultural Business Association (UCAB) Andrii Martynenko announced this to Ukrainian News Agency.

In 2018, starch exports to Russia decreased by 80% or USD 1.8 million to USD 459,400 compared to 2017.

According to Martynenko, in January-September 2019, the main importers of Ukrainian glucose were Indonesia (for USD 4.3 million or 34% of the total glucose import from Ukraine), Nigeria (USD 2.3 million or 19%), Togo (UAH 1.3 million or 11%), Belarus (USD 1.3 million or 11%) and Algeria (USD 1 million or 8%).

During this period, the largest volumes of corn starch were shipped from Ukraine to Indonesia (for USD 5.7 million or 28% of total starch imports from Ukraine), the United Arab Emirates (USD 4.6 million or 23%), Saudi Arabia (USD 1.9 million or 9%), Poland (USD 1.6 million or 8%) and Malaysia (USD 1.6 million or 8%).

Over the nine months of 2019, Ukraine in total increased the export of corn starch by 24% to USD 20 million and glucose - by 24% to USD 12.5 million compared to the same period in 2018.

It is noted that the analysis used the following product groups: corn starch, glucose and glucose syrup, not containing and containing fructose, chemically pure fructose and fructose syrup.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Russia expanded sanctions on goods from Ukraine.

In particular, corn starch, glucose, fructose, glucose-fructose syrups, maltodextrin and maltodextrin syrup were on the list of sanctioned goods.

In December 2018, Russia banned the import from Ukraine of agricultural products, industrial goods, raw materials and food.

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