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26 Civilians Killed And 136 Wounded In Donbas In 2019 - UN Monitoring Mission

26 Civilians Killed And 136 Wounded In Donbas In 2019 - UN Monitoring Mission

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In 2019, 26 civilians were killed and 136 wounded in the territory of Donbas during 2019.

The head of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, Matilda Bogner, announced this, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to the report of the UN Monitoring Mission on the human rights situation, 6 civilians were killed and 36 wounded in Donbas from August 16 to November 15, 2019.

However, the UN noted the lowest level of casualties and killed during the conflict during this period.

Since mid-April 2014, at least 3,300 civilians were killed and more than 7,000 were wounded on both sides of the conflict line.

Bogner hopes that in connection with the adopted communique at the meeting of the Normandy Format, the number of victims should decrease next year.

“We hope that 2020 will be the first year without civilian casualties,” she said.

Besides, the UN noted that over the past 3 months, 16 attacks have been carried out against journalists and LGBT people, which should be thoroughly investigated by the relevant authorities.

The UN also welcomes Ukraine’s accession to the Safe Schools Declaration.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, according to a UN report dated March 12, 2019, at least 11 people were killed while crossing the contact line in Donbas since the beginning of 2019.

On November 21, 2019, Ukraine joined the Safe Schools Declaration.