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The management of the Kyiv airport plans to extend the runway

The management of the Kyiv airport plans to extend the runway

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The management of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv International Airport has developed a master plan for the reconstruction of the airfield and extension of the runway by 550 meters. This requires the assistance of the city administration, said the head of the board of directors of the airport Denis Kostrzhevskiy in an exclusive interview with the Interfax Ukraineagency.

"In order to be able to serve larger aircrafts in any weather conditions, the Kyiv Airport needs to upgrade the category of the airfield. A master plan for the reconstruction of the Kyiv airfield has been developed, and it has five different variants. Each of them implies a runway extension of 550 m, improvement of landing approach system characteristics (including lighting navigational aids and radio navigation). As a result of the reconstruction, the configuration of the airfield will change," - said Denis Kostrzhevskiy.

He explained that now, the largest aircraft that can be serviced in Zhuliany airport without any restrictions is Boeing 737-800; however, after the reconstruction, the airport will be equipped enough to serve airplanes like Airbus A321 or Boeing 737-900.

"The master plan was developed by a foreign company that has huge experience in the reconstruction of airfields. Ukrainian experts and design institutes also took part in its development as they adapted this project to domestic norms and rules. The estimated cost of the works ranges from 80 to 100 million euros, depending on the decisions that will be made," - said Kostrzhevskiy.

The head of the airport’s board of directors emphasized what is needed for the further development of the facility: the first is to allocate the land necessary for lengthening the runway, and the second is to find money for the reconstruction.

"The airport belongs to the city ... The city needs to solve two problems. The first is the allocation of the land, the second is either allocation or raising money. There are different ways to raise the money: a loan or a concession tender. If the city chooses the concession, then, of course, Master Avia, the company that provides ground handling of the airport, will participate in this tender. Perhaps, this solution will be the final. Then, loans will probably be allocated. Perhaps, it will be financing from the city budget. Or maybe, it will be a lease with an investment obligation. We don’t know for sure," - said Denis Kostrzhevskiy.

According to him, the issues of land allocation and raising of funds can be resolved only at the level of the Kyiv City Council and the Kyiv City State Administration.

"Master Avia is obviously interested in choosing the solution as fast as possible since after the reconstruction, the Kyiv Airport will have better technological competitive qualities, abilities, and it will be able to compete with the Boryspil Airport," - concluded Kostrzhevskiy.

To recap, the Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany) is 90% owned by the UFuture Investment Group of the Ukrainian businessman Vasyl Khmelnytsky and 10% by the managing partner. The airport is located 8 km from the center of Kyiv, and its area is 265 hectares. It has one runway 2310 m long and 45 m wide.

In just 7 years of cooperation of UFuture with the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv International Airport, more than 2.5 billion UAH have been invested in it. The last reconstruction at the airport was carried out in May 2019. Then, the area of terminal "A" was increased by 9.5 thousand square meters - up to 23.7 thousand square meters. Also, near the terminal, the parking space was reconstructed and increased by 40%. Now, its capacity is 135 parking spaces. In the last reconstruction, UFuture invested 630 million UAH.

UFuture Investment Group combines business projects and social initiatives of the Ukrainian businessman Vasyl Khmelnytsky. In addition to the Kyiv airport, the Group includes the UDP development company, the Bila Tserkva industrial park, innovative parks UNIT.City and LvivTech.City, and others.