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CEC Allows Voters To Change Polling Places Online For Two Election Rounds At Once

CEC Allows Voters To Change Polling Places Online For Two Election Rounds At Once

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The Central Election Commission (CEC) has allowed voters to change their polling places online for two rounds of elections at once.

The press service of the Central Election Commission announced this in a statement, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The commission approved the procedure for temporarily changing a voter’s polling place without changing his voting address at its latest meeting.

Voters will now be able to apply for temporary change of their polling places in electronic form.

In addition, a voter will be able to change his polling place for two rounds of elections at once and receive an electronic certificate of change of polling place at his specified email address.

The commission’s Chairman Oleh Didenko said that public and expert opinions were taken into account and that open meetings were held during the establishment of the new procedure for changing polling places.

In addition, the Office of the Administrator of the State Register of Voters has been instructed to ensure creation of an electronic service for implementation of the new procedure.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported earlier, the Parliamentary Committee on Local Self-Government, Regional Development, Urban Planning, and Housing Policy has proposed that the parliament stipulate in the draft Electoral Code No. 0978 that the Central Election Commission the right to cancel the registration of presidential and parliamentary candidates if they mislead voters.

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