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MP Bohdanets Admits Existence Of Expunged Criminal Record

MP Bohdanets Admits Existence Of Expunged Criminal Record

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Member of Parliament Andrii Bohdanets (Servant of the People faction) has admitted the existence of an expunged criminal record.

Bohdanets stated this in a post on his Facebook page, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to Bohdanets, he did not consider becoming a member of the Parliament in 2015.

He volunteered to participate in the war in Donbas as part of the Sich special battalion.

According to him, a man spat in his face during a traffic incident while he was on a short leave between rotations, he admitted his guilt after the incident, and paid for the victim’s treatment.

He expressed regret that the victim had health problems after the incident.

According to Bohdanets, he did not hide the incident during his election campaign.

He wrote that he pleaded guilty and did not appeal against the relevant court decision.

The court expunged his criminal record in August 2016, after a one-year probation.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported earlier, the Servant of the People party decided to expel Member of Parliament Roman Ivanisov from the party and its parliamentary faction.