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Total State Debt Down 1.4% To USD 81.8 Billion In October

Total State Debt Down 1.4% To USD 81.8 Billion In October

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The total state (direct and state-secured) debt of Ukraine in October decreased by 1.36% or USD 1.13 billion month over month to USD 81.83 billion.

The Finance Ministry has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The state and state-secured debt as at late October 2019 made UAH 2,045.44 billion or USD 81.83 billion over UAH 1,997.75 billion or USD 82.95 billion month over month.

The total size of the direct state debt as at October 31 was UAH 1,794.99 billion (USD 71.81 billion) over UAH 1,758.01 billion (USD 73 billion) month over month.

At that, the direct foreign debt in October increased from USD 38.68 billion to USD 39.08 billion.

The direct domestic debt decreased from UAH 826.81 billion to UAH 818.18 billion (or from USD 34.33 billion to USD 32.73 billion).

The debt guaranteed by the state as of October 31 made UAH 250.45 billion or USD 10.02 billion.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the total state debt in 2018 rose by 2.6% or USD 2.02 billion year over year to USD 78.32 billion.

In 2017, the state and state-secured debt of Ukraine rose in US dollar equivalent by 7.5% or USD 5.33 billion to USD 76.31 billion.

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