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60 percent of Ukrainians are involved into charity, - research

60 percent of Ukrainians are involved into charity, - research

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Over the last year 60 percent of Ukrainians helped others in the financial and non-financial way, read the results of the sociological research "Charity through the eyes of Ukrainians", led by the Ukrainian center of the public opinion Socioinform at the request of the Zagoriy Foundation.

"Despite of the decrease in the intensiveness of helping the military and IDPs from Crimea and Donbas, charity is still a trend," - the authors of the research said.

Financial contributions remain the most popular way of helping others – 88 percent of the givers contributed money for charity. Donations of food, clothes, drugs and other property is the second most popular way (41%). 

"Ukrainians understand charity in a simple way: they mostly help donating money, clothes or food. Only every tenth participant of the research pointed out he helped others by providing them services or employment. However, it is important to say that people not always consider such kind of help as charity", - sociologists explain.

The authors of the research also inform that 61% of respondents see charity as a vital necessity, and 90% of participants understand its importance. 

"Along with that Ukrainians are skeptical when estimating their own chances to get a charitable help in case they would need it: Majority thinks that most likely they won’t get any help. Only 15 percent of the respondents think that they will get financial or any other kind of help in case they would need it", - the report reads.

While the estimation of charity importance in Ukraine is 8,5 points out of 10, the estimation of its expansion in the country – is only 4,8, and the estimation of chances to get help when needed – 3,8.

"Charity must become an instinct, just like a self-preservation instinct. As indeed the civilized world preservation depends on the instinct of helping each other", - Kateryna Zagoriy, chairman of board of the Zagoriy Foundation said.

She reminded that charity became a massive trend in Ukraine in 2014 when Ukrainians not only united around the idea of helping the army and IDPs but also created an organized structure for such help.

"The Shchedryi Vivtorok project should become the next target for such unity. This project is a part of the global Giving Tuesday movement and this year it will be held on December 3rd. Every Ukrainian will get the chance to join the trendy, fashionable, modern international project. I hope, it will attract people who were not previously interested in charity", - Kateryna Zagoriy said.

Ukraine joined the Giving Tuesday movement in 2018 and became the 154-membering country. The charity organizations  Zagoriy Foundation, Tabletochki and The Givers Club and The Ukrainian Forum of Philanthropists were the initiators of the "Giving  Tuesday" .

"Shchedryi vivtorok” was recognized to be the most successful launch of the local project of the international movement Giving Tuesday in 2018.  Every year the movement collects some $100 million around the world.

Zagoriy Foundation was founded in 2015 by the family of entrepreneurs and philanthropists – the Zagoriys, beneficiaries of the pharmaceutical company Darnitsa. The foundation works in three different directions: the education culture, charity culture and art.