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Servant Of The People Decides To Expel MPs Skorokhod And Poliakov From Faction

Servant Of The People Decides To Expel MPs Skorokhod And Poliakov From Faction

Verkhovna Rada, Servant of the People, Hanna Skorokhod, Skorokhod, Anton Poliakov, Servant of the People faction, Poliakov

The Servant of the People faction in the Verkhovna Rada decided to expel MPs Hanna Skorokhod and Anton Poliakov from the faction.

Members of the faction announced this to journalists, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The faction supported the expel of Mrs. Skorokhod and Mr. Poliakov from the Servant of the People faction. Yes, the faction supported the expel, by the majority," said a faction member Roksolana Pidlasa.

Poliakov himself noted that at the meeting of the faction there were not all its members.

The MP stressed that the leadership did not provide a provision in the charter by which he is expelled.

"David Arakhamia says that you have a position... Dissent cannot be the basis for expel. He justifies the expel with this, that "you are not swimming with us." Well, I don’t know where we are swimming. I actually swimming with President," said the parliamentarian.

He is also outraged that the Servant of the People does not expel MPs convicted of non-personal voting.

Skorokhod, in turn, denies accusations of faction chairperson David Arakhamia of corruption and threats to other MPs.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on Thursday, Skorohod announced the detention of her husband because of her vote.