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Arakhamia To Raise Issue Of Expulsion Of MP Skorohod

Arakhamia To Raise Issue Of Expulsion Of MP Skorohod

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The Servant of the People parliamentary faction’s leader David Arakhamia intends to raise the issue of expulsion of Member of Parliament Hanna Skorokhod from the faction.

Arakhamia announced this on Thursday, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"As for Mrs. Skorokhod herself, I will personally raise the issue of her expulsion from the faction because there is no point in her being in the faction without supporting a single decision of the faction," Arakhamia said.

Arakhamia accused Skorokhod of amending draft laws to favor the interests of oligarchs and said that her address from the parliament’s rostrum was itself a planned provocation against the Servant of the People faction.

“There was a test, but we did not reveal this test. We can make some mistakes. We all found out when he (Skorokhod’s husband) started going to committees. We did not know that she lives with him,” Arakhamia said.

Arakhamia also denied any link between Skorokhod’s political activities and the detention of her husband.

He accused her of threatening other parliamentarians.

"We have now seen the risks. He intimidated some parliamentarians. They personally came to me," he stressed.

He did not name the parliamentarians that were intimidated.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported earlier, Skorokhod announced on Thursday that her husband had been detained because of her vote, after which Arakhamia accused her of corruption.

Skorokhod won the parliamentary election in single-mandate constituency No. 93 (Kyiv region).