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Rada Approves 2020 Budget Estimate Of UAH 2 Billion For Its Operations

Rada Approves 2020 Budget Estimate Of UAH 2 Billion For Its Operations

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The parliament has approved a budget estimate of UAH 2,007,430,700 for its operations in 2020.

The relevant draft resolution (No. 2433) was approved by 272 votes, compared with the minimum required 226, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The budget estimate proposes spending UAH 1,053,383,100 on the parliament’s legislative activities, including UAH 642,048,100 on remuneration of labor and payment of salaries and UAH 80,636,700 on goods and services, including UAH 22,973,100 on allowances for business trips.

It also provides for spending UAH 883,478,900 on services and organizational, informational, analytical, material, and technical support for the parliament’s operations.

It is provides for allocating UAH 619,134,000 for its management office, UAH 96,733,700 for its car depot, UAH 20,581,900 for the Institute of Legislation, UAH 144,452,800 for management of its administrative buildings, and UAH 2,576,500 for its canteen.

In addition, the budget estimate allocates UAH 46,521,400 for television and radio coverage of the parliament’s activities and financial support for the Holos Ukrainy newspaper, of which UAH 30,936,700 is intended the parliament’s Rada television channel and UAH 15,584,700 for the Holos Ukrainy newspaper.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the parliament adopted the draft law on the state budget for 2020 on Thursday, November 14.

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