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Lovochkin in Zolote: Troops Disengagement Must Continue as Only Way to Peace

Lovochkin in Zolote: Troops Disengagement Must Continue as Only Way to Peace

Luhansk region, Zolote, Serhiy Lovochkin, Opposition Platform – For Life
Serhiy Lovochkin in Zolote. Photo by lovochkin.org
Serhiy Lovochkin in Zolote. Photo by lovochkin.org

This was stated by Opposition Platform – For Life MP Serhiy Lovochkin during his monitoring trip to Zolote, the Luhansk region.

"Our major goal is to support the peace process. This trip revealed that after the troops disengagement in Zolote everything is OK here, and the withdrawal must continue as an element of the peace process. It’s clear there will be no prosperity without peace, no development for the country," Lovochkin said.

The MP said that the separation of forces in Zolote will be another step to peace in Ukraine, and that the discontinuation of the military conflict in the Donbas must be a priority for all political parties.

"We have come to support the army and the locals and to show them that peace process is the priority for all political parties. Because people voted for President Zelenskyy, for Sluha Narodu party, for Opposition Platform – For Life and other parties with the only goal — to bring peace to Ukraine as soon as possible. Separation of the forces is the real step, and it must continue, and be conducted as soon as possible because Ukraine needs peace as soon as possible,” the politician said.

According to him, there are grounds to bring the military conflict to a close soon.

"The situation is, no doubt, a complicated one; there will definitely be provocations, but the mood here in Zolote is bright. We’re seeing the peace process, not escalation, and it’s confirmed by OSCE, and these are good signals that give hope and make us believe that the peace will be here soon," Lovochkin said.

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, members of the parliamentary committee on national security and defense visited Zolote, the Luhansk region, on a monitoring mission. The goal of the mission is to assess the situation with the troops disengagement.

The mission will operate within the permanent group for tactical response to changes in situation in the Joint Forces Operation area and along the line of troops and arms separation.