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21 People Get Sick With Diphtheria In Ukraine - Skaletska

21 People Get Sick With Diphtheria In Ukraine - Skaletska

health minister, diphtheria, Zoriana Skaletska

Health Minister Zoriana Skaletska states that at present, in Ukraine, 21 people have confirmed the diphtheria diagnosis.

She said this at a briefing, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Today, 21 people are registered in Ukraine who have a confirmed diagnosis of diphtheria. The main way to prevent this disease is to increase the level of vaccination," the minister said.

At the same time, she added that at the moment, the state has purchased and distributed all the vaccines necessary for vaccinating the population to medical institutions.

In general, there are 6.8 million doses of vaccine in Ukraine, but the vaccination rate does not exceed 60%.

At the same time, the head of the Public Health Center, Volodymyr Kurpita, added that, in Ukraine, 31 cases of suspicion of diphtheria were also recorded.

Kurpita added that as of the end of October in Ukraine there are 189 bottles of antitoxin that are evenly distributed throughout Ukraine.

At the same time in Kyiv at the moment there are 5 bottles of antitoxin.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in 2018-2019, the Ministry of Health did not distribute diphtheria antitoxin to Kyiv.

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