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Bohdan Considers Nefedov Inefficient Customs Service Head And Confirmed Consultations With Ex-First Deputy Pri

Bohdan Considers Nefedov Inefficient Customs Service Head And Confirmed Consultations With Ex-First Deputy Prime Minister Khoroshkovskyi

State Customs Service, Andrii Bohdan, Presidential Office, Maksym Nefedov

The head of the Presidential Office, Andrii Bohdan, considers the head of the State Customs Service, Maksym Nefedov, to be an ineffective leader and confirmed consultations with former First Deputy Prime Minister, Valerii Khoroshkovskyi.

Andrii Bohdan said this in an interview with Ukrainska Pravda, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“When we came to the issue of customs, smuggling and budget revenues, we met with many experts, customs officers, economists. And everyone said that when Khoroshkovskyi was chairperson of customs, then revenues grew 4 times over two years. And all - and his enemies, and his friends, and various political camps, recommended us to listen closely. Because besides theorists, in Ukraine there is only one practitioner who really implemented this. Yes, he consults us. But the real head of customs is Nefedov. I believe in him very much and this is my private, and hope, to which I made every effort to allow him to work, that he has implemented these ideas. Unfortunately, he is not very successful right now. Or, let’s say so, it’s very difficult," he said.

He also noted that at the moment the old system is still running, because the customs that Nefedov creates do not yet exist.

Bohdan emphasized that the old system, realizing that it would not exist in the new reality, was doing everything to sabotage both Nefedov’s activities and the country's life, which is why customs revenues fell very significantly.

Bohdan also said that from an ideological point of view, the appointment of Valerii Khoroshkovskyi is impossible.

"From the point of view of efficiency, in my opinion, only in my opinion, it would probably be the right decision," he said.

He also emphasized that Khoroshkovskyi is studying where critical points are, how to change this, how to fix processes that have consequences, and gives some recommendations.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on July 5, the Cabinet of Ministers appointed Maksym Nefedov as head of the State Customs Service.