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Politics 2019-11-14T04:02:01+02:00
Ukrainian news
Rada Re-Criminalizes Illegal Enrichment

Rada Re-Criminalizes Illegal Enrichment

Verkhovna Rada, illegal enrichment, criminal liability

The parliament has reintroduced criminal liability for illegal enrichment.

The relevant bill (No. 1031) was approved by 259 votes, with only 226 required for its approval, Ukrainian News agency reports.

According to the document, an official faces 5 to 10 years in prison and disqualification from certain positions or certain activities for up to three years for purchase of assets with a value that exceeds his income by more than 6,500 nontaxable minimum incomes of citizens (currently UAH 6.2 million).

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Constitutional Court declared criminal prosecution of officials for illegal enrichment unconstitutional on February 26.

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