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JFO HQ Introduces Security Regime In Operation Zone Since October 28

JFO HQ Introduces Security Regime In Operation Zone Since October 28

Zolote, JFO, separation of forces, security regime

The headquarters of the Joint Forces Operation (JFO) introduced a security regime in the zone of ​​the operation since October 28.

The JFO press service said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Dear citizens, on October 28, 2019, in the zone of ​​the Joint Forces Operation, by the order of the commander of the joint forces, the Yellow regime was introduced," the statement reads.

It is noted that the stay and movement of persons is carried out in the presence of identity documents, at the same time the inspection of personal belongings that are with them, and vehicles is carried out.

Military personnel, law enforcement officers are vested with special powers for the duration of the regime.

In particular, they have the right to use, in case of emergency, weapons and impact munition against persons who have committed or are committing offenses or other actions that impede the fulfillment of the legal requirements of persons involved in conducting of the JFO.

Besides, they can verify identity documents of citizens and officials, and in the case of absence of documents, they can be detained to establish identity, carry out personal searches of citizens, search of personal belongings and vehicles, enter residential and other premises, land plots, in the premises of enterprises, institutions and organizations.

It is allowed to use for official purposes communications and vehicles owned by citizens (with their consent).

Under certain conditions, it is permitted to temporarily restrict or prohibit the movement of vehicles and pedestrians on the streets and roads, prevent vehicles, citizens from entering certain sections of the terrain and objects, remove citizens from these sections, tow vehicles, and also use vehicles for official purposes, except for vehicles of diplomatic, consular and other representations of foreign states and international organizations.

The following restrictions are established for persons not involved in the Joint Forces: entry (exit) into the zone of ​​operation, obtaining permits required to enter (stay) in the zone of ​​operation, admission of representatives of state authorities, storage, use and movement of registered weapons, devices for shooting cartridges.

As well as conducting of unmanned, light-engine aircraft flying and video, film and photography, the use of any radio stations in vehicles, tourist excursions and hiking, fishing and hunting, visiting forests, certain districts of the area, restricting the movement of vehicles on bypass ways, the implementation of measures to ensure public safety and order on the streets.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko said the separation of forces started in Zolote of Luhansk region on Tuesday, October 29.

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