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Darnitsa Considering Acquiring Companies In Europe, North America And Ukraine

Darnitsa Considering Acquiring Companies In Europe, North America And Ukraine

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The Pharmaceutical Firm Darnitsa private joint-stock company (Kyiv) is considering the possibility of acquiring companies in Europe, North America and Ukraine.

The chairperson of the board of directors of Darnitsa Group Dmytro Shymkiv said this at a press conference, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“We are in several Due Diligence processes. Next year, I hope we can make an announcement about this, but now these processes require confidentiality. We are considering the possibility of both acquiring companies and joint development to reach both European and to North American markets,” said Shymkiv.

He also added that Darnitsa is considering the possibility of acquiring companies not only abroad, but also in Ukraine.

At the moment, Shymkiv described the share of Darnitsa's exports as insignificant, more than 90% of production is supplied to the domestic market.

At the same time, the company is considering an extensive way to enter international markets, not only by increasing exports, but also by increasing its presence abroad through acquisitions and partnerships.

Shymkiv added that the company is studying the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (raw materials) in Ukraine, but so far the company is constrained by the issue of cost.

Now Darnitsa purchases active pharmaceutical ingredients mainly from China and India.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in 2018, the company, according to international financial reporting standards, increased net profit by 37.3% or UAH 127.5 million to UAH 469.64 million, increasing net income by 18.7% or UAH 472.5 million to UAH 3.002 billion year over year.

A 9.91% stake in Darnitsa belongs to Luada, Alukon, Dansk, Rostim, Balu Service, Fam Capital, Danilan and Nicom Service and 7.3% - to the Farmmedinvest company.

Co-owner of the company is businessman Hlib Zahorii.

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