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Zelenskyy Appoints Kutsyi Odesa Governor

Zelenskyy Appoints Kutsyi Odesa Governor

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has appointed Maksym Kutsyi as chairperson of the Odesa Regional State Administration.

He said this during a working visit to Odesa region, where he arrived after a 14-hour press-marathon on October 10, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“I want to introduce and give the floor to the new head of the Odesa Regional State Administration - Maksym Kutsyi. And congratulations,” Zelenskyy said in a husky voice.

Kutsyi is 36 years old.

He is an entrepreneur, the ultimate beneficiary of a number of Kyiv firms: Service and Management (construction), Media Partner (advertising agency), Digital Partnership (information services), City Corps (construction).

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, Zelenskyy previously submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers, and the government approved the candidacy of Andrii Andreichikov for the post of Odesa governor, but the President changed his mind about appointing him because of public criticism and decided to elect a candidate based on the results of the competitive selection.

At the competition, Zelenskyy selected five candidates for the post of head of the Odesa Regional Administration and chose Kutsyi of them.

The previous head of the Odesa Regional State Administration, Maksym Stepanov, was dismissed in April by ex-President Petro Poroshenko.