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Ukraine Refuses To Grant Political Asylum To Russian Army Major Bologan

Ukraine Refuses To Grant Political Asylum To Russian Army Major Bologan

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Ukraine has refused to grant provide political asylum to Yuri Bologan, a major in the Russian Armed Forces’ reserves and the former head of the department of foreign languages at the Russian Defense Ministry’s Military University.

This is stated in court documents, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to the court documents, it has been established that Bologan was born in Moldova and that he moved to Russia in 1993.

Russian security officials charged Bologan with taking bribes and exceeding his official authority.

He left Russia for Belarus and then Ukraine in September 2016.

A Moscow court ordered his arrest in absentia in July 2017 and the Interpol issued a Red Notice for him in November 2017.

Ukrainian border guards detained Bologan on the Ukrainian-Moldovan border in April 2018 while he traveling to Moldova to visit his parents.

He was arrested and placed in a pre-trial detention center in Odesa.

Russia then sent an extradition request to Ukraine.

Bologan was in custody until July 2018, when his wife posted bail.

After his release on bail, he applied to the State Migration Service for political asylum and refugee status.

Bologan claims that he volunteered and helped the Ukrainian military repair equipment during the government’s anti-terrorist operation in Donbas.

He also claims that he was harassed and prosecuted by counterintelligence officials from Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) because he openly declared his opposition to the annexation of Crimea when he was at the Russian Defense Ministry’s Military University and wrote “Glory to Ukraine” in social media.

Ukraine’s State Migration Service refused to grant political asylum to Bologan in March this year.

A district court ruled in September that the State Migration Service’s decision was lawful because the applicant failed to provide convincing evidence of his volunteer work and because of a number of contradictions in his testimony.

In particular, Bologan was unable to provide full information about the Russian military units in which he served and could not explain why he did not apply for political asylum in Moldova and Belarus when he visited these countries.

The Ukrainian authorities concluded that Bologan made claims of political persecution to avoid facing responsibility for crimes of corruption.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, two Russian interior affairs officers applied for political asylum in Ukraine in April.

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