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Cabinet To Double Number Of Attending Cultural Events Over 5 Years

Cabinet To Double Number Of Attending Cultural Events Over 5 Years

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The Cabinet of Ministers intends to double the number of people attending cultural events over 5 years.

This is stated in the government’s program of activities, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Thus, an increase in visitors to cultural events is planned by increasing the number of venues for public dialogue, improving the quality of the provision of cultural services, as well as increasing the transparency and efficiency of the system.

In particular, it is planned to build the Museum of Modern Art, complete the construction projects of the Museum and the Heavenly Hundred Memorial, the second stage of the Holodomor Museum, as well as state support for the creation of cultural and social infrastructure in the communities.

It is also planned to introduce state support for projects, programs, open state cultural institutions for alternative projects and activities, as well as launch purchases of cultural objects to the Museum Fund.

Besides, the Cabinet of Ministers intends to attract resources for the development of monuments through the mechanism of public-private partnerships for managing properties, create and fill out a national register of data on cultural heritage sites, introduce a single electronic ticket for all art and cultural institutions, strengthen responsibility for neglect of the national heritage, create conditions for the legal market for works of art through laws on the art market and the movement of cultural property.

It is expected that this will increase the share of cultural, creative product, sports and tourism to 12-14% of GDP.

Cultural events include visual art, theaters, book festivals, museum projects, music, exhibition projects, etc.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Cabinet of Ministers proposes the Parliament to approve the government’s program of activities for 5 years with a 40% GDP growth.

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