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Rada To Create Office Of Prosecutor General

Rada To Create Office Of Prosecutor General

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The parliament intends to create an Office of the Prosecutor General.

The relevant bill (No.1032) was approved by 287 votes, with only 226 were required for its approval, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The document provides for creation of a new structure (the Office of the Prosecutor General, regional prosecutors, and district prosecutors) after attestation of prosecutors.

The document also provides for granting the prosecutor general the right to abolish and reorganize district and regional prosecutor’s offices; abolition of the military prosecutor’s office while granting the prosecutor general the right to create specialized prosecutor’s offices.

Besides, it provides for reducing the maximum number of prosecutors from 15,000 to 10,000 and granting the prosecutor general the authority to approve the development strategy of the prosecutor’s office, establish a system for assessing the performances of prosecutors, a procedure for measuring and regulating the burden on prosecutors, and a procedure for considering complaints.

Furthermore, the document provides for increasing the base salary of a prosecutor from 12 to 15 living wages (up to UAH 29,000) and setting a 25% limit on the maximum size of the annual bonus of prosecutors.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the parliament adopted a law on impeachment of the President of Ukraine on Tuesday.