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Politics 2019-09-22T04:02:16+03:00
Ukrainian news
High Anti-Corruption Court Starts Operation

High Anti-Corruption Court Starts Operation

The High Anti-Corruption Court has started working.

The date was determined at a meeting of the High Anti-Corruption Court’s judges on May 7, 2019, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

From now on, all the corruption cases both new and those that have been heard at court for some time already will have to be passed to the High Anti-Corruption Court.

The number of court’s judges is 38.

11 of them work at the Appeal House of the Court.

The institution is headed by judge Olena Tanasevych.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the National Anticorruption Bureau (NACB) and the Specialized Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office (SACPO) are calling on the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to adopt the bill that obliges the High Anti-Corruption Court to hear the case of only anti-corruption institutions.