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Cabinet Creates Register Of War Veterans

Cabinet Creates Register Of War Veterans

Cabinet of Ministers, war veterans, veterans, Unified State Register of War Veterans

The Cabinet of Ministers created the Unified State Register of War Veterans.

The relevant resolution was adopted at a government meeting on August 14, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"So, all the necessary steps have been taken for the legal regulation of the development of the registry - the law, by-laws. The technical requirements for the terms of reference have been prepared. The next is the preparation of the terms of reference, which should receive financial support from our international partners. After that, the development and creation of the IT registry system will take place," said Minister for Veteran Affairs, Iryna Friz.

The document defines the procedure for creating, maintaining, accessing register information and the procedure for obtaining information from other registers and information databases for entering information into the register.

So, the register will contain information about war veterans, persons with special merits to the motherland, the affected participants of the Revolution of Dignity and their family members.

It is conducted with the aim of accounting of such persons, the implementation of benefits and other social guarantees and the administration of needs.

The register will contain such information: general information (name, surname, date and place of birth), passport series and number, information on the death of a person, type of documents confirming the right to benefits, information on family composition, housing, actual use and amount of benefits, disability group, level of education, skills and work experience.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Servant of the People political party intends to liquidate the Verkhovna Rada Veterans Affairs Committee.