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CEC Registers First 25 MPs

CEC Registers First 25 MPs

The Central Election Commission (CEC) has registered the first 25 Members of the Verkhovna Rada.

The CEC's press service has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to the report, the CEC registered five MPs in the nationwide multi-mandate constituency and 20 MPs elected in the single-mandate constituency.

They include Oleksii Ustenko, included in the election list under No. 86 from the Servant of the People party, Yulii Ioffe No. 12 and Renat Kuzmin No. 35 from the Opposition Platform - For Life party, and Ruslan Kniazevych No. 21 and Maksym Savrasov No. 22 from the European Solidarity party.

The following MPs were registered in single-mandate constituencies: Larysa Bilozir (Vinnytsia region, constituency No. 15, self-nomination), Dmytro Shpenov (Dnipropetrovsk region, constituency No. 37, self-nomination), Oleksandr Kovaliov (Donetsk region, district No. 51, self-nomination), Volodymyr Areshonkov (Zhytomyr region, constituency No. 64, self-nomination), Andrii Ivanchuk (Ivano-Frankivsk region, constituency No. 88, self-nomination), Olesia Dovha (Kirovohrad region, constituency No. 102, self-nomination), Oleksandra Sukhova (Luhansk region, constituency No. 107, running from the Nash Krai political force), Oleh Kulynych (Poltava region, constituency No. 147, self-nomination), Viktor Myalyk (Rivne region, constituency No. 155, self-nomination), Oleksandr Feldman (Luhansk region, constituency No. 174, self-nomination), Oleksandr Hereha (Khmelnytskyi region, constituency No. 192, from the For Concrete Deeds party), Serhii Rudyk (Cherkasy region, constituency No. 198, self-nomination), Anton Yatsenko (Cherkasy region, constituency No. 200, self-nomination), Valerii Lunchenko (Zakarpattia region, constituency No. 71, self-nomination), from the Opposition Platform - For Life political party: Fedir Khrystenko was registered in constituency No. 46 of Donetsk region from the Opposition Platform - For Life political party, and Oleksandr Ponomariov in constituency No. 78 of Zaporizhia region, from the Servant of the People party: Ihor Herasymenko in constituency No. 62 of Zhytomyr region, Tetiana Hryschenko in constituency No. 66 of Zhytomyr region, Mykola Zadorozhnyi in constituency No. 162 Sumy region, Oleksandr Skichko in constituency No. 197 of Cherkasy region.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, after the election results are officially published in parliamentary and government newspapers, those recognized as elected have 20 days to quit work that is incompatible with the parliamentary mandate and be registered.

Dmytro Razumkov, elected the Member of the Rada from the Servant of the People party, said that the first meeting of the Verkhovna Rada will be held on August 29.

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