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Business climate in Ukraine has changed for better since 2014 – Sergiy Lishchyna

Business climate in Ukraine has changed for better since 2014 – Sergiy Lishchyna

Sergiy Lishchyna, Izovat, Ukrainian Saw Mills
Sergiy Lishchyna. Photo by press office
Sergiy Lishchyna. Photo by press office

According to the co-owner of Izovat wool production plant and Ukrainian Saw Mills Sergiy Lishchyna, Ukrainian business climate has changed for the better in the last five years.

That’s what he said in his interview with The Page: "Definitely, it has become easier to work and grow. For example, until 2014, we were under pressure for a certain period. Under Yanukovych, it was tough. It was very hard times. On the woodworking market, the Antimonopoly Committee initiated cases of collusion between chipboard manufacturers. Fortunately, some of us waited for it to end, while people from the old team did not find new managers for their business. It was scattered, belonged to various companies - Swiss, Austrian. The ambassadors of Switzerland and Austria were even involved, and we avoided big problems."

Lishchyna assures that now rules of the game in our country are more civilized. "Of course, we see in the news that all kinds of things happen. But I think that the percentage of gross raiding has dropped to almost zero," he claimed.

Businessman Sergiy Lishchyna has significant stakes in the Izovat wool production plant, in other woodworking assets, several plywood factories, and Ukrainian Saw Mills. He began to do business in Ukraine in the late 1990s. Then he traded in chemical raw materials, gradually moving to the sale of finished products, such as building materials.

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