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Cabinet Approves Ukrainian Language Popularization Strategy Until 2030

Cabinet Approves Ukrainian Language Popularization Strategy Until 2030

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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved the strategy for popularisation of the Ukrainian language entitled Strong Language – Successful State until 2030.

This follows from the resolution 596-р dated July 17, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

As a result of the strategy’s implementation, it is expected that the Ukrainian language will dominate in all spheres of public life throughout Ukraine, in particular, in the media; the proportion of Ukrainians who exclusively or mainly use the Ukrainian language in everyday life will be at least 75%; at least 80% of Ukrainians will call Ukrainian their native language; in the activities of the state authorities and local self-government, law enforcement agencies and the army will mandatorily have to use the state language.

It is also supposed to create conditions to satisfy national, cultural and linguistic needs of the Ukrainians living outside Ukraine, in particular, the right to study in the Ukrainian language.

It is noted that according to sociological studies at the end of 2017, only 47% of respondents were speaking exclusively in the Ukrainian at home, only 24% in Russian, and 29% in two languages.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on July 16, the Ukrainian Language Law took effect.