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Zelenskyy Selects 5 Candidates For Post Of Governor Of Odesa Region

Zelenskyy Selects 5 Candidates For Post Of Governor Of Odesa Region

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has selected five candidates for the post of governor of Odesa region.

Zelenskyy announced this on Facebook, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“As I promised, I am asking for your advice on the candidates for the post of chairman of the Odesa regional administration. We have selected five candidates. What can you say about these people?” he wrote.

The candidates include 41-year-old Andrii Andreichykov, whom Zelenskyy nominated to the Cabinet of Ministers and was approved until Zelenskyy changed his mind and decided to hold a competition for the post.

“I think we cannot take a risk in Odesa, even with Andreichykov, whom I know personally. We will hold a competition in Odesa... Everyone has confused me on this issue,” Zelenskyy said during a visit to Odesa.

According to media reports, Andreichykov is involved in supplies of scrap metal to the self-proclaimed Transdniestrian Moldovan Republic.

The other candidates are 37-year-old Tetiana Petrakevich (a social activist and the founder of the H. R. Invest recruitment company), 44-year-old Olha Kvasnytska (an Odesa city councilor for the Samopomich Association), 36-year-old Maksym Kutsyi (owner of an investment company), and 44-year-old lawyer Maksym Boldin.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Zelenskyy intends to appoint the governor of Odesa region through an open competition.

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