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Ukrtransgaz To Agree With Naftogaz On Procurement Of 440 Million Cubic Meters Of Gas For UAH 2.96 Billion

Ukrtransgaz To Agree With Naftogaz On Procurement Of 440 Million Cubic Meters Of Gas For UAH 2.96 Billion

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The Ukrtransgaz company, the operator of the Ukrainian gas transport system, intends to agree with the Naftogaz of Ukraine national joint-stock company on procurement of 440 million cubic meters of gas for UAH 2.96 billion.

This follows from the data posted in the ProZorro procurement system, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

In compliance with the tender documentation, under the contract, Naftogaz will have to supply 440 million cubic meters of gas to Ukrtransgaz to ensure production and processing needs and own needs.

The gas is expected by July 31.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Ukrtransgaz has agreed to pay off its debt to Axpo Ukraine for the gas supplied before July 31.

According to the statement, the company also plans in the near future to conclude a similar agreement with Trafigura Ukraine LLC for UAH 1.06 billion.

At the same time, the largest debt for natural gas supplied this year from Ukrtransgaz was formed to Naftogaz of Ukraine NJSC - UAH 1.96 billion.

In July, Ukrtransgaz paid off the debt to ERU Trading for the gas supplied.

Earlier, Ukrtransgaz declared the impossibility of timely settlement of gas purchase contracts for its own production and technological needs due to a shortage of funds.

Ukrtransgaz has offered fuel gas suppliers to repay debt with gas from underground storage facilities.

Ukrtransgaz has a network of 38,550 kilometers of gas pipeline, an annual capacity of 287.7 billion cubic meters of gas at the entrance into the gas transmission system, and 178.5 billion cubic meters at the exit.

The gas transmission system consists of 72 compressor stations (with a capacity 5,544.3 MW) and 702 gas-pumping units.

Ukrtransgaz operates 12 underground gas storage facilities with a total capacity of 30.95 billion cubic meters.

The Naftogaz of Ukraine national energy company owns 100% of the shares in the Ukrtransgaz public joint-stock company.

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