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Zelenskyy Not To Interact With Parubiy And Will Talk Already With New Rada

Zelenskyy Not To Interact With Parubiy And Will Talk Already With New Rada

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy does not intend to interact with the chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada, Andriy Parubiy, but will talk with the new parliament.

He told journalists about this, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“I don’t see any further actions with Mr. Parubiy as speaker of the Verkhovna Rada... After his last response, I don’t see any sense in continuing the conversation. We will already talk with another parliament,” he said.

In particular, Zelenskyy emphasized that he proposed to abolish the majority component of parliamentary election and lower the entry barrier for parties to 3%, but the Verkhovna Rada did not do that.

“Unfortunately, many parties will not be able to pass the 5% barrier. Unfortunately. And this will be precisely because of Mr. Parubiy. Greetings to him,” he said.

The President also commented on the initiative of the exchange of the Ukrainian film director Oleh Sentsov, who was convicted in Russia, for the director of RIA Novosti Ukraine, Kyrylo Vyshynskyi.

"We are not talking about the exchange of our sailors. The sailors must be returned to us. If we talk about goodwill, we are ready to exchange Vyshynskyi. Sentsov is an example. We are ready to change for Sentsov, but this is not loose change. We would like to receive all our political prisoners and military. If these are the first steps, then we are ready," he said.

On the question of whether Ukraine is ready to return Vyshynskyi first, Zelenskyy replied that the exchange should take place simultaneously.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on July 21, the snap parliamentary election will be held.