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NACB Interrogates Judge Of Kyiv District Administrative Court Kachur, Who Delivered Judgment On Illegality Of

NACB Interrogates Judge Of Kyiv District Administrative Court Kachur, Who Delivered Judgment On Illegality Of Nationalization Of PrivatBank

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NACB) interrogated the judge of the District Administrative Court Of Kyiv, Ihor Kachur, who delivered judgment on the illegality of the nationalization of PrivatBank.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from a statement of the judge about interference in his activities.

Kachur reports that on July 3 he appeared on summons to the detective of the NACB to conduct investigations.

He was interrogated within the framework of the criminal proceedings opened on June 26 in accordance with Part 1 of Article 364 (abuse of power or official position) of the Penal Code.

The case concerns the decision of the District Administrative Court of May 15 to prohibit the head of the Higher Qualifications Commission of Judges, Serhii Koziakov, to exercise his powers due to the expiration of the term of office.

Kachur believes that interrogation at NACB is a form of pressure on the court in this process, which has not yet made a final decision.

“Based on the abovementioned, I have every reason to assert that such actions of NACB employees were committed in order to exert pressure on me as the presiding judge in the administrative case,” Kachur stresses.

He believes that the bureau detectives rudely interfered in his activities.

The judge asks the Higher Council of Public Justice to protect him from the “willful and unlawful” actions of NACB.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on April 18, the collegium of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv, chaired by judge Kachur, declared the nationalization of PrivatBank, at the request of its former co-owner Ihor Kolomoiskyi, illegal.

The court calls the grounds for such a decision, including the failure of the defendants to prove the presence of certain legal grounds for classifying PrivatBank to the category of insolvent, as a result of which the procedure for its nationalization was subsequently initiated, as well as, in fact, a violation of the bank’s nationalization procedure.

On December 18, 2016, the Cabinet of Ministers, at a meeting on the basis of a proposal from the National Bank, made a decision on the state’s entry into the capital of PrivatBank.

According to this decision, 100% of the bank’s shares belong to the state represented by the Ministry of Finance.

The state bank management strategy provides for the sale of PrivatBank during 5 years.

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