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Darnitsa passes GMP compliance audit

Darnitsa passes GMP compliance audit


Pharmaceutical company Darnitsa has passed an inspection of the State Service of Ukraine on Medicine and Drugs Control and by that once again confirmed its compliance to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. 

 The company has got a certificate, valid for up to three years, that functions for all pharmaceuticals production areas, Darnitsa press service reports.

“Darnitsa invested more than 200 million euros into the construction of the quality system and GMP standards compliance. Every year the company transfers 10 percent of its gross income to the research and project engineering, manufacturing automation and digitalization,” said Darnitsa’s CEO Andriy Obrizan. 

In the last three years alone, Darnitsa got five positive conclusions of the GMP compliance from the regulatory organs of Ukraine, Belarus and European Union countries. The company got its first certificate in 2003.

 GMP is the generally recognized world pharmaceuticals production certification standards, obligatory for the European market. In Ukraine GMP is aligned with the European Union standards.

 Pharmaceutical company Darnitsa has been a leader of the pharmaceuticals market of Ukraine in terms of volume sales since 1998.  Darnitsa’s products portfolio includes some 250  names of the medical agents. Cardiology, neurology, pain killers are among the  strategic directions of the company’s portfolio development.

Darnitsa exports its products to 16 countries. Darnitsa’s net operating income in 2018 grew by 18.7 percent to UAH 3.002 billion.

Glib Zagoriy is the ultimate beneficiary of the company.

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