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Ukraine, EU Sign 5 Financial Agreements Worth EUR 127 Million

Ukraine, EU Sign 5 Financial Agreements Worth EUR 127 Million

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Ukraine and the European Union have signed five financial agreements.

The agreements were signed between the Cabinet of Ministers and the European Commission during the 21st Ukraine-EU summit in Kyiv on Monday, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The agreements provide for financing technical cooperation programs, anti-corruption initiatives, support for civil society and culture, support for eastern Ukraine, and decentralization.

According to the information available to the agency, the total amount of funding for the five agreements is EUR 127 million.

In particular, the European Union will provide an additional EUR 10 million for supporting the Donbas and the Azov region.

The funds are intended for improving internally displaced persons’ access to administrative and social services, helping small and medium-sized enterprises, developing infrastructure, and supporting health and education reforms.

The European Union will also provide EUR 10 million for supporting Ukrainian civil society and culture.

The European Union will also provide EUR 22.9 million for stepping up the fight against corruption at the national and local levels.

In addition, Ukraine will receive EUR 40 million for improving regional policy and implementing reform of decentralization.

Under this program, support will be provided to small state investment projects in unified territorial communities.

The technical cooperation program for 2019 provides for granting Ukraine EUR 44 million for implementation of reforms related to agricultural free trade zones, the environment, energy, public procurement, investment climate, trade, and labor relations in accordance with the association agreement.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, a draft joint statement that mostly takes account of the wishes of Ukraine was prepared at the end of the 21st Ukraine-EU summit.

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