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Businessman Oleksii Kulagin called on the President to bring the issue of interference in the state register t

Businessman Oleksii Kulagin called on the President to bring the issue of interference in the state register to the agenda of the NSDC session

Oleksii Kulagin, Volodymyr Zelenskyi

Raider attacks on property should be included in the agenda of theNational Security and Defense Council session, - urges businessman Oleksii Kulagin.

Ukrainian businessman, the managing director of the OMOX development company Oleksiy Kulugin, called on President Volodymyr Zelensky to  bring the issue of the state registries fraud and raider attacks on property to the agenda of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) session. 

In an open appeal to the head of the state, the businessman emphasizes that the new surge of raids in Ukraine was caused by the actions of the Ministry of Justice leadership in 2015-2019, and in particular, people's deputies of the Verkhovna Rada may be involved in the criminal schemes.

The businessman has also emphasized that the vulnerability of property rights leads to legal arbitrariness, frustrates foreign investors, and causes losses not only to the victims of raiders, but also to the economy of the state. According to Oleksii Kulagin, it can cause potential or real threats to the national interests of the state.

"Taking into account the national scale of the activities of the organized criminal group that deprives citizens and businesses of their property, we ask to bring the question of property rights protection and the work of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and its leadership in the field of maintaining and protecting state and uniform registers, as well as the described situation with obvious signs of direct threat to the national interests of the country, to the agenda of the next regular session of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine ", - wrote Oleksii Kulagin. 

In his appeal, the owner of the company OMOX also said that recently, the law enforcement officers have detained one of the participants in the said criminal scheme that involved raider attacks on property - a person who had eight keys to EDS (electronic digital signature - Ed.) that gives access to state registries from different registration holders and with different territorial affiliation.

He emphasized that "the detainee is the first link that will help to investigate the aforementioned criminal scheme of the Ministry of Justice, and therefore, he needs to be provided with adequate security and protection from the state and authorities."

The full version of an open letter from the businessman to the President can be found on the official website of the "Chayka" Residential Complex.

To recap, at the end of May, Oleksii Kulagin himself became a victim of fraudsters. The raiders seized the offices of the OMOX company and the 16 thousandth "Chayka" Residential Complex in the Kiev region. It was then that the businessman first turned to President Volodymyr Zelensky with the request to look into the situation and put an end to raider attacks in our country.

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