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Ukrzaliznytsia To Start Selling Tickets To Number Of Trains 60 Days Before Their Departure

Ukrzaliznytsia To Start Selling Tickets To Number Of Trains 60 Days Before Their Departure

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The Ukrzaliznytsia joint-stock company intends to begin selling tickets to a number of trains 60 days before the departure of the train.

Ukrzaliznytsia said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

From July 8, passengers can purchase train tickets 60 days before the date of their departure.

This service will be available for a number of popular domestic and international trains and direct cars.

Thus, passengers can plan their trip in advance and buy tickets for departure dates starting from September 5, 2019.

From July 8, such a service will be available to all trains of the Night Express category (except trains No.1/2 Ivano-Frankivsk - Kostiantynivka, No.10/9 Kyiv - Mariupol, No.20/19 Kyiv - Lysychansk) and trains of international communication with Western countries of the formation of the Ukrzaliznytsia JSC.

The service is also available on trains: No.4/3 Zaporizhia - Uzhhorod; No.7/8 Kyiv - Ivano-Frankivsk; No.7/8 Kharkiv - Odesa, No.12/11 Kyiv - Novooleksiivka; No.12/11 Lviv - Odesa, No.15/16 Kharkiv - Rakhiv; No.17/18 Kharkiv - Uzhhorod; No.29/30 Kyiv - Uzhhorod; No.26/36-25/35 Odesa - Lviv, Rakhiv, Przemysl; No.38/37 Kyiv - Zaporizhia; No.51/52 Lviv - Wroclaw; No.63/64 Kharkiv - Kyiv; No.67/68 Kyiv - Warsaw; No.79/80 Dnipro - Kyiv; No.81/82 Kyiv - Uzhhorod; No.89/90 Lviv - Przemysl; No.92/91 Lviv - Kyiv; No.106/105 Odesa - Kyiv; No.117/118 Kyiv - Chernivtsi; No. 738/737 Kyiv - Zaporizhia; No.749/750 Ivano-Frankivsk - Kyiv.

Sale of tickets for 60 days applies to international direct cars:

No.25/382 RIC Kyiv - Kosice, which runs on trains No.81/8861-8862/108/30;

No.21/431,22/432 Kyiv - Vienna, which runs on trains No.749/145/32519/629/140-147/628/32510/146/750;

No.24/350 Kyiv - Wroclaw, which runs on trains 749/51-52/750;

No.24/470 Kyiv - Bucharest, which runs on trains No.117/959/381-380/960/118.

Pre-sale of travel documents for all other trains of internal communication is still open, as before, 45 days before the departure date, high-speed Intercity+ and Intercity trains - 30 days before the departure of the train.

Pre-sale of tickets for trains running in the direction of Donetsk and Luhansk regions is also carried out 30 days before the train departure: No.1/2 Ivano-Frankivsk - Kostiantynivka (every other day), No.10/9 Mariupol - Kyiv (every other day), No. 20/19 Kyiv - Lysychansk (by dates), No.45/46 Uzhhorod - Lysychansk (daily); No.70/69 Mariupol - Lviv (daily); No.84/83 Mariupol - Kyiv (daily); No.92/91 Odesa - Kostiantynivka (daily); No. 96/95 Mariupol - Kharkiv/Bakhmut (daily); No.104/103 Zhmerynka, Kyiv - Mariupol (by dates); No.116/136-135/115 Kyiv - Berdiansk, Pokrovsk (daily); No.124/123 Kyiv -Kostiantynivka (daily); No.126/125 Kyiv - Kostiantynivka (daily); No.138/137 Khmelnytskyi - Lysychansk (daily); No.140/139 Dnipro - Lysychansk (daily); No.142/141 Lviv - Bakhmut (daily); No.142/141 Odesa - Mariupol (every other day); No.205/206 Pokrovsk - Kharkiv (as directed); No.215/216 Pokrovsk - Novooleksiivka (as directed).

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in 2018, the Ukrzaliznytsia joint-stock company increased net profit by 78% or UAH 89.9 million to UAH 203.9 million year over year (UAH 114 million), increasing income by 12.8% to UAH 83.4 billion.

Ukrzaliznytsia began commercial operations as a public joint-stock company on December 1, 2015.

The Cabinet of Ministers decided to transform Ukrzaliznytsia from a public joint-stock company into a private joint-stock company on October 31, 2018. The Cabinet of Ministers also decided to change its name from Ukrzaliznytsia public joint-stock company to Ukrzaliznytsia joint-stock company (JSC Ukrzaliznytsia).

Ukrzaliznytsia operates the Donetsk, Lviv, Odesa, Southern, Southwestern, and Prydniprovskyi railways, as well as other enterprises and organizations facilitating transportation of freight and passengers.

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