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Medvedchuk: Russia Not Aggressor, Crimea Ukraine’s Territory

Medvedchuk: Russia Not Aggressor, Crimea Ukraine’s Territory

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Former head of the Presidential Administration / member of political council of the Opposition Platform - For Life parliamentary interfactional association, Viktor Medvedchuk, does not consider the Russian Federation to be the aggressor and considered the Russia-annexed Crimea to be Ukrainian territory.

He said this in the interview for the BBC Russian Service, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"60% of our country consider Russia to be the aggressor. I don’t. Should I join those 60%? No, I will be among the other part of the citizens," Medvedchuk said.

"I believe that Crimea is the territory of Ukraine… Everyone has their own opinion. He (Putin) is the head of the state. So he has to protect interest of his state. He protects them. And I being a politician, a city of Ukraine, represent Ukraine's interests and that’s why my position is the one I expressed earlier," he said.

He says that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy does not have any plan how to achieve peace in Donbas.

Medvedchuk considers that Ukraine should follow his own plan earlier approved by the leadership of the Russian Federation.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Head of the Presidential Administration, Andrii Bohdan, says that the team of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy does not plan to invite Medvedchuk to negotiations with Russia.