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Person Who Sued Company Never Bought Tickets And Was Not SkyUp Client - Press Service

Person Who Sued Company Never Bought Tickets And Was Not SkyUp Client - Press Service

SkyUp Airline stated that the person whose lawsuit became the basis for the court’s decision to suspend the airline’s license never bought tickets and was not a SkyUp client.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from the press service of the airline.

“In order to have any claims against the airline, the plaintiff must be its client. The person whose lawsuit became the basis for making the determination to suspend the license of SkyUp Airline, never bought SkyUp Airline tickets and never was its client,” the press service said.

Besides, the airline claims that the plaintiff could not have evidence of poor-quality service, since the flights to Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt) of the airline are charter and are carried out only by request of tour operators.

Thus, according to the company, the plaintiff could not buy a ticket for the Kyiv - Sharm el-Sheikh flight, which she indicated in the statement of claim, since such tickets do not physically exist.

According to the airline's own data, as well as according to the information of tour operators-partners, a tourist or a passenger with such a name and surname has never been.

It is also noted that the license for the right to transport passengers is issued by order of the State Aviation Service and the only legal way to cancel such an order in court is the decision of the administrative court.

In turn, the airline has already filed an appeal to the Court of Appeal of Kyiv region.

At the moment, the company is operating normally.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Baryshivskyi District Court of Kyiv Region made a decision to suspend the license of Skyap Airline LLC (SkyUp, Kyiv) for the right to conduct business activities for the transportation of passengers by air.

According to the decision, the court received a statement from the citizen of Ukraine Oksana Pasenko on consumer protection with a request to suspend the license.

In early October 2018, SkyUp underwent the TCO (Third Country Operator Licence) procedure and received permission to fly to Europe.

On May 16, 2018 SkyUp received a certificate of operator No.055.

SkyUp Airline began operations in April 2018.

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