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Ukrainian news
Court Suspends SkyUp's Passenger Transportation License

Court Suspends SkyUp's Passenger Transportation License

The Baryshivskyi District Court of Kyiv Region made a decision to suspend the license of Skyap Airline LLC (SkyUp, Kyiv) for the right to conduct business activities for the transportation of passengers by air.

This is stated in the decision of the court promulgated on June 3, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to the decision, the court received a statement from the citizen of Ukraine Oksana Pasenko on consumer protection with a request to suspend the license.

The plaintiff substantiates her claims that she refused from the services of the air carrier, which were not provided and deferred by the defendant, and she also believes that the actions and activities of the defendant violate her rights for quality service and safety of services, and therefore should be terminated.

The court considers that the plaintiff proved the need to suspend the license, which would reduce the risk of violation of the rights of citizens-consumers due to the inappropriate activities of the airline until the end of the case on flights that threaten the life and health of passengers and violate their constitutional rights.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in early October 2018, SkyUp underwent the TCO (Third Country Operator Licence) procedure and received permission to fly to Europe.

On May 16, 2018 SkyUp received a certificate of operator No.055.

SkyUp Airline began operations in April 2018.

SkyUp is a subsidiary of the Join Up tour operator.

The airline was registered in June 2017.

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