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Ukrainian news
The 9th rotation of the Ukrainian national peacekeeping contingent of the UN mission ended in DR Congo

The 9th rotation of the Ukrainian national peacekeeping contingent of the UN mission ended in DR Congo

For more than 7 months, 250 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine jf the next,  rotation 9, performed tasks under the aegis of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in DR Congo as part of a military contingent. During this time, , such phrases as "delivery of goods to the Kaholoholo", "redeployment of personnel from Kitshanga to Lubero", "air reconnaissance in the area of Beni", "combat engagement at Semuliki", "medical evacuation from Kamango "and dozens of other phrases began to mean just another flying day for the personnel of 18 Separate Helicopter Detachment. For Ukrainian soldiers, these tasks are almost routine, but the rest of the world is watching excitedthe mastery of our professionals.

One of the most recent tasks before returning to the Homeland, Ukrainian crews worked out with another record result: the United Nations Stabilization Mission in DR Congo urgently needed to arrange a new base near the village of Lukweti. The Mi-8 pair,covered by Mi-24 of the Ukrainian national contingent, carried out the redeployment of troops from the armed forces of India along with arms, materials, food and all necessary property as soon as it ever possible. As a result, thanks to the flawless coherence of military personnel from different corners of the planet, at a place where was only high grass in the morning, it was already a camp tilldinner.

When during radio conversations, the local airport manager welcomes the Ukrainian crew with words "Glory to Ukraine" when South African pilots who complete the rotation come to say good-bye to Ukrainians with tears, when a completely unknown Tanzanian special forces serviceman seeing a man with a blue-yellow flag on his shoulder is glad as if meeting an old friend, it is perceived as the courtesy and hospitality of foreign colleagues. Of course, this is what they are, but there is still something else.

Perhaps the fact that the air traffic controller knows certainly that if the flying task is possible to perform at all, then Ukrainians will do it. Perhaps the fact that a pair of Ukrainian Mi-24s are unchanged angels guarding South African crews in the most dangerous corners of the troubled country. Maybe this very Ukrainian Mi-8 crew evacuated the Tanzanian unit after performing a dangerous task directly from the heart of the jungle. Probably all together.

During seven months of the ninth rotation of 18 Separate Helicopter Detachment service, almost 2,5 thousands flights were performed, more then 2200 hours were spent in the air, 537 tons of cargo and7336 passengers were transported, 191 tasks on fire engagement of enemy targets were carried out. These dry figures are a huge burden on both the flight personnel and the ground component of the contingent, but each of them is a contribution to the positive image of the country as a strong ally, an important contributor to world security, a reliable partner.

Each country sends its best daughters and sons to participate United Nations peacekeeping missions, so that they honorablypresent their Homeland in the international arena. In an environment with such a concentration of top-level professionals, it is extremely difficult to get renowned for a particular national contingent. However, the Ukrainians coped with this.

18th Separate Helicopter Detachment Assistant Commander on communications with mass media, Captain Andrii Ostapiuk