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Court Unfreezes State Fiscal Service Ex-Head Prodan’s Assets

Court Unfreezes State Fiscal Service Ex-Head Prodan’s Assets

Myroslav Prodan, illegal enrichment, case closure

The Solomianskyi District Court of Kyiv has unfrozen assets belonging to former acting head of the State Fiscal Service Myroslav Prodan, who was suspected of illegal enrichment with UAH 89 million, following the closure of the case against him.

This is stated in court documents, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Prodan’s lawyer petitioned the court to unfreeze the assets because the relevant case against him has been closed due to the abolition of criminal liability for illegal enrichment.
The court made the decision on May 3.
As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the court froze some of Prodan’s assets, an apartment, a house belonging to his relatives, and two apartments and property rights to two more apartments belonging to his relatives.
The National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NACB) closed the illegal enrichment case against Prodan on March 6.

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