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Poroshenko’s April Salary UAH 28,000

Poroshenko’s April Salary UAH 28,000

April salary of President Petro Poroshenko amounted to UAH 28,000.

This follows from a response of the State Affairs Department to respective request from Ukrainian News Agency.

"The salary of the President of Ukraine P. Poroshenko for April 2019 is accrued in the amount of the official salary - UAH 28,000. Other components of salary (allowances, bonuses, etc.) are not established to the President of Ukraine," the statement reads.

From the accrued salary UAH 5,460 of taxes and fees were paid.

The remaining UAH 22,540 were transferred to a charitable foundation defined by Poroshenko, in accordance with his statement.

The responsedoes not specify the foundation name, however, according to the portal of the use of public funds, the money was transferred to the Poroshenko Charitable Foundation.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, following the March 31 election, Volodymyr Zelenskyi became the newly elected President.

His inauguration shall take place no later than June 2.

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