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Ukrainian news
Kolomoiskyi: Nobody Has Compromising Materials On Zelenskyi

Kolomoiskyi: Nobody Has Compromising Materials On Zelenskyi

Businessman Ihor Kolomoiskyi believes that nobody has compromising materials on President-elect Volodymyr Zelenskyi.

Kolomoiskyi stated this in an interview with, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“There is no compromising material on him at all. He is from another opera. There can be no compromising material on him. I am sure that nobody can have compromising materials on him,” Kolomoiskyi said when asked if he had any compromising materials on Zelenskyi.

The businessman said that he has communicated with Zelenskyi periodically in the past six months.

Kolomoiskyi also said that he did not intend to try to counter the prevailing opinion among Ukrainians that he helped Zelenskyi to secure the presidency because he considered this meaningless.

"It is already an established fact in the minds of the masses. It is already an established fact despite the fact that the new president secured the presidency himself. Nevertheless, it makes no sense to fight a losing battle. If Poroshenko has decided that Kolomoiskyi did it, then this virus has entered the consciousness of the masses, which means that you will not remove this infection. It also means that it is a cross that one has to carry," said Kolomoiskyi.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported earlier, President Petro Poroshenko announced that he and "Kolomoiskyi’s puppet" had qualified for the second round of the presidential election after the announcement of the results of the exit polls that were conducted during the March 31 presidential election.

Before the second round of the presidential election, Poroshenko urged Ukrainians to vote for him to prevent oligarchs from taking revenge by returning to rob the country.